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Onboarding – help employees in transition to ‘swim’ & not let them ‘sink’.

“To adapt an old saw, transitions are marathons and not sprints,” - Michael Watkins. [Tweet this]
Importance of onboarding is significantly increased in these days since the average turnover at work is less than four years & lifetime employment strategies are out of date. (“The Alliance” by Hoffman & Casnocha) It means that roughly one-fourth of our employees are in the process of transition or are affected by them since their peers (Boss-Subordinates) are going through transitions. It might be on account of appointment in new position or promotion or transfer at a different location.
Aberdeen research found that 90% of organizations believe that employees make the decision to stay at within the first year. Traditional orientation programs are completed on the first day or in some cases in a week.  However, such short-term strategies do not reflect in improving retention, productivity, and engagement.
There are some organizations where the onboarding process is taken more serious…